New & Easy 3-Step Simplified Challenge To Get

Clients From Day One!

By launching your paid Micro Coaching Offer in 48 hours or less to get your Ideal Clients from day one!

Start selling as soon as you have two articles ready!

Hi, my name is Adel; I help motivated creators stop procrastinating, do what they love, and generate the income they deserve, by using my 3×3-step system to create and launch low, middle & high-ticket offers fast… By fast, I mean freaking fast!

Coaches, course creators & services providers; Discover how to

Get Clients from Day One!

Reality check! With all the strategies out there, creating your first coaching, course, or service offer can be overwhelming, and even if you do create one, launching it and getting clients can turn into a never-ending struggle; The result: Most of us never launch anything! So what is the solution, Adel? You may ask; Well, there is a very simplified one… That I (as a proud geek) call the M.C.O.

Attention! Motivated coaches, course creators & services providers…

want to launch your micro coaching offer & Get clients fast

BUT… You are facing one of the following obstacles:

You don’t have any experience in creating and launching offers.

You don’t have any idea of what type of offer to create and launch.

You have created and launched one, but you didn’t get good results.

You do have an idea but you are lost in how and where to start it.

You don’t have the time to waste on endless research and trials.

You don’t have a logical low-ticket offer to use in your sales funnel.

You don’t know how to build a website and a funnel that converts.

You don’t have a funnel that gets you, clients, from the get-go.

You don’t have the budget to hire a professional to build the system for you.

You don’t have any online following or leads that may be interested in your offer.

You don’t know how to differentiate yourself from the crowd and build trust fast.

You can smile now! You just found the solution you’ve always wanted…

the solution to your Buts & obstacles is finally here

Before: You work hard to create a middle or high-ticket offer then work even harder trying to sell it; Now: You create & launch your first Micro Offer with 2 pieces of content without using over-complicated strategies & systems… Exactly like I did here.

Introducing… Drum rolls…

create & launch your first micro coaching offer freaking fast!

I call it M.C.O (Micro Coaching Offer)… It is all about you providing a simple step-by-step solution to a specific problem that your clients face, in exchange for a tiny monthly fee… Then, later on, turn those clients into middle & high-ticket ones.

PS: No matter whether you are a coach, course creator, or service provider, the M.C.O model will work for you; Hint: It will get you your ideal clients from day one!

Launch your offer fast, right after you’ve prepared 2 pieces of content; Hint: The first one is your welcome email & the second is your first action step.

Stop generating free leads and focus only on paying clients; Hint: Recoup your paid traffic cost (ads) with your M.C.O = free traffic.

Create an offer that your target market needs and will love; Hint: It is important that your offer gives results by resolving one problem, and one only!

Set yourself apart from the crowd, and establish trust & authority in record time; Hint: Give the solution before asking for an email or a sale (like I’m doing here).

Get clients fast, by selling a low-ticket, no-risk offer most can’t refuse; Hint: The goal here is to get your ideal clients while building trust & authority.

Get paid to create better and bigger offers; Hint: Use your M.C.O clients’ feedback and suggestions to come up with future perfect offers.

Use your Micro Offer to build a highly converting funnel; Hint: Use it as your main sales funnel lead magnet… Exactly like I, Adel I’m doing here.

Use your M.C.O to get middle & high-ticket clients with a one-line sentence; Hint: It will be way easier to sell bigger offers to your already-trusting clients.

Use the M.CO business model to generate your desired monthly income; Hint: Why stop at one M.C.O when you can easily launch several?

Build a system to sell and deliver your M.C.O (sales page, cart, etc) without using any complicated or expensive tools: Hint: Start with free ones.

Build your web system fast, even if you’ve never built one before… Hint: If you know a bit about the web, you can start selling in 48 hours or less!

Build your system fast without being a web expert or hiring someone else to do it; Hint: You just have to set up three simple text pages.

OK, Adel! This sounds good, but tell me more about

The M.C.O challenge

Straight to the point, this is what you will learn from this challenge

Introduction: The M.C.O business model.

Understand the M.C.O business model and how it will help you create and launch your first micro offer fast, even if you’ve never launched one before.

Step 1: Plan & Map.

Dive into the heart of the subject by discovering several examples of M.C.O you can create and launch this week.

Fail to do this and you will have a hard time selling your offer… Select a good niche and a hot topic (if you don’t have one already).

Avoid common mistakes and learn why you should launch a certain type of M.C.O and not another… Hint: This is what makes this model so easy to sell.

Step 2: Build & Create.

Learn why you must price your offer a certain way and not another; Hint: This will get you trust, authority, and paying clients freaking fast.

Learn how to set up your offers’ web system fast using free tools, even if you are a total newbie and never built any website before.

Step 3: Launch time!

It is launch time; Challenge yourself to launch your first M.C.O fast; Hint: Take action and you will be getting clients in no time.

Your email is not required to take this challenge.

Ok, I got most of the idea here, but I still…

have a question or two

Read the F.A.Q and get in touch with me.

What is this all about?

It is about a new open 3-step challenge to create and launch your first Micro Coaching Challenge (M.C.O ).

Why you don’t ask for an email?

I use one of the M.C.O strategies, building trust and authority without asking for an opt-in or a sale.

Is this only for coaching offers?

No, this can be used by any type of business, like course creators, or service providers (Chat with me if you want to know more).

Is this a trick to sell me something?

There is no trick here; I don’t even ask for your email address or registration, as for my paid offers, you are free to ignore them.

Why is this for free?

Because I want to differentiate myself from the crowd and establish trust & authority by providing you value before asking for an email or a sale.

How long will It take me to launch an offer?

It will depend on your experience, knowledge, and action, but you will surely do a pre-launch fast enough using the 2 pieces of content.

What type of offers can I launch?

You can launch a micro coaching program, a workshop, a course, or a service; For example: Let’s say you are a web designer; Sell an M.C.O that teaches “how to design a converting website”, then offer your design service (Chat with me if you want more example).

Can I build a business with an M.C.O?

Yes, you surely can, especially if you launch several ones, and like in any business venture, you’ll have to take action, have a good work ethic, and focus.

What budget do I need to get started?

You need a domain name and Webhosting for your website (mentioned in step 2), plus a small starting budget for paid traffic if you want to get fast results… No fancy or expensive tools are needed (Chat with me if you want to know more).

How will you deliver the steps?

The steps of this challenge will be available in TEXT and downloadable PDF format on open public pages.

I still have a question, how to contact you?

Feel free to chat with me or leave your question directly on my FB Messenger, Telegram, or Skype; The direct links are in the footer of this page below.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not implying you’ll succeed on your first try; I’m using the reference (generate an income, get paid, etc) for promotion purposes only; Your results will vary and depend on many factors… Including but not limited to your background, web experience, and work ethic; Any business endeavor will involve risks (waste of time, costs, etc) and require consistent action towards your goals. If that’s not something you’re willing to accept, this website is not a good fit for you… This site is not a part of Facebook and/or Google Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook and/or Google in any way.