Start a membership site for 350% more profits

Stop what you are doing and start a MEMBERSHIP for 350% more profits

Whatever you are…

A Freelancer.

A doctor.

A designer.

A copywriter.

An app developer.

A blogger.

A housewife.


And whatever is your hobby…


Writing poems.

Playing badminton.


Watching documentaries.





You should stop what you are doing now and start a MICRO MEMBERSHIP BUSINESS… Let’s call it MMB.


By MICRO MEMBERSHIP, I mean a fixed term membership and a low fee one…
In an MMB you charge the members a low fee for a FIXED amount of time whether it be three months, six months, one year, etc.

And here are some of the many reasons why you should start one ASAP:

  • MMBs are easy to build: All you need is a domain name, a web host, a delivery system, and four pages, the sales page, the thank you, the contact, and the terms one.
  • MMB’s are freaking fast to launch: You can even start it in a day! Decide your niche, your subject, write your first week’s content, and you are good to go.
  • MMB’s are economical to build; anyone can do it: You can start with $20… I’m thinking the domain name and the web hosting fees of the first month, that’s it.
  • MMB’s brings a monthly income without extra work: You build it once, and you focus on getting paying clients, and the next months, you get more clients…
  • MMB’s are very profitable compared to just selling a product: Keep reading, and you’ll find out how in our scenario, MMB generates 400% more profits.


Let’s imagine for a moment that you are already selling something online for $19.99, let’s say it’s a digital product (a course, an ebook, a template, or whatever)…

You are selling that product for a one-time payment, right!… great!


Now imagine ditching that product and selling a monthly membership for $19.95/ month instead?

I don’t know about you, but me, I say, it’s better than just one time $19.95. It’s a gazillion time BETTER.

Now, let me ask a few questions:

  • Would you instead have a customer who pays you $19.95 once for your digital product or a customer that pays you $19.95 for the next 12 months?
  • Would you instead promote your products again and again to generate more sales, or would you somewhat support once and get paid month after month?
  • Would you rather spend money on a paid advertisement to generate one sale at $19.95, or generate one new member for the same ad expense and get paid $19.95 month after month?
  • Would you instead offer support to a one-time customer that spent money on your product one time, or would you instead do it for a member that stays a loyal PAYING fan for months?
  • Would you instead have an affiliate promoting your one-time payment product, or have the same branch supporting your MMB so that both of you get paid month after month?
  • Would you instead promote your high ticket products to someone who has spent $19.95 with you once, or with someone who has paid $239.40 with you over the past 12 months?


Are you still with me?…

I guess you get it now, the MMB model is far superior to one-time payment ones, and even if you are doing very well with a unique payment model, you’ll do better in the long run if you build a business that pays you month after month.

And just so you know how much better…

Take a look at this scenario, assuming you receive one new monthly paying member every month as opposed to 1 new buyer every month using our $19.95 example.

Stop what you are doing and start a MEMBERSHIP for 350% more profits

Selling membership access for $19.95 for six months based on one new member per day equals $8,977.50 more in profit over a regular one-time payment model.


That’s 350% more profits!

And to be exact, that’s $8,977.50 left on the table because you didn’t start an MMB!

Of course, there are other variables to consider, like refunds, cancellations etc.

Are you beginning to see what you’re missing out on selling a product or a service for a one-time payment?

So, to resume it all:

  • If you have a hobby that you’d like to monetize.
  • If you are already selling a digital product or a service.


  • It’s easy.
  • It’s fast.
  • It’s profitable.

You can be up and running one and be making your first dollars in a matter of days or even hours, depends on your level of knowledge of client acquisition system, in short, marketing.

Now, about the challenge:

Would you like to join me in a FREE 10-day CHALLENGE to build and launch a micro membership business?

No registration or email will be needed.

If your answer is yes, drop a comment and let me know

Do you have a question or a suggestion, go on, ask me.

I’ll be glad to answer you ASAP.


If you have friends that need to generate a monthly income with a fast, simple system, let them know about the MMB model, share this post, and spread the knowledge.

To be continued…