Version Anglaise… Traduction Française prochaine…

I’m an Algerian, you know the biggest country in Africa, up north! Born in 1973 in the desert almost in the middle of nowhere, and now I’m living in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).
I’ve been resident in France since 2001, and in the nineties I also lived seven years in Italy (Perugia) and before Malaysia and Indonesia, I also lived almost four years in Shenzhen city, China.

Bonjour, Hello, Ciao, Hi, Hola, Halo, Nihao, Salam…

I do speak, Arabic, French (Algeria’s second language), English, Italian, half of Spanish and very basic survival Chinese and German.
I founded Kydma company in France early 2009 and Services In China Co Ltd in Hong Kong in September of the same year.
At the beginning of 2009, I woke up one day and decided to start my own business as web marketing freelancer/ consultant (without any planning), so I quit my job without resigning, took a small bag and flew to China! That was the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Since then, I’m trying to make a living working exclusively online, NOT easy at all, I had plenty of ups and downs, actually more downs lol, but HEY! The goal of total freedom is never easy, If it was easy, everybody would have it, right!

The Chinese Dream

When I landed in China in 2009, I was like a baby in front of a giant chocolate cake, and everything was fantastic. The people, The food, The culture and let’s not forget the technology; I landed in Shenzhen in Guangdong province, that’s where your IPhone, your tablets and most of the electronics are built.
I promised myself I’ll never have a boss again, why? Because all the jobs I had, all the promises of better salaries and more responsibilities never happened;
Ps: I’m not saying I wasn’t happy in Europe, no, in contrary I loved living there it and still do, except the cold winters, the stress, the capitalism, the politics and did I say the stress! lol

See, I’m just a guy who did computer studies in the late 80ies and early 90ies, and I enjoyed working in the hospitality and tourism field in Europe;
but still, I always wanted to do something with the WEB and all the stuff I learned online since 1996, the year I got connected to the internet.

A dreamer!

Plenty of people consider me a dreamer; well, they may be sometimes right , but I dare them to survive, travel, learn and respect other people’s differences, spend half life in 6 countries then turn into freelancer at 37, as I did.
Not many people out there take the big leap and do what they always wanted when they come closer to 40, most of them get married and have children;
I’m happy for them and I wish them the best, but we are not all the same, it’s not because I come from Algeria, that my destiny must be a clone of the many others.
I do believe in God, and we all have our singular path to follow, so mine is the WEB and LIVING in as many countries I can, I mean living, not traveling, I am not a tourist.

The web is what you see on your screen; The internet is the connection that allows you to connect to the web.

I’ve tested them all

In the nineties, I remember telling my friends, the web will be a BG THING, we will live and work with it and they were looking at me like if I said something in Alien language; see now! They are all on Facebook and YouTube and most of them spend a lot of their lifetime in front of small or big screens doing what they never thought possible.

I tested the full web theory in France, the way we used to see in the science fiction movies, for few months I decided to buy, order, use, meet, talk, work, do anything using the web, guess what guys! It worked!
While I was busy doing crazy long hours in a cool job, I ordered my food, sent paper letters, booked taxis, met new people for real, even bought my cream shave and underwear online, when was that? 2005, and guess what again, those things doesn’t surprise anyone anymore.

I followed eBay when it was a small local site; Facebook when it was only in English for the USA only; I used smartphones with a touch screen and Windows system (Qtek 9100 brand) before Apple started it’s 1st smartphone…
I guess I used/ tested whatever was geek fashion on the web, so here I’m finally deciding to share my knowledge…

« My fears are often an indication that something is worth doing »

I made plenty of mistakes in my life, who didn’t? And I hope that I learned enough from them,
I learned a lot from people I met from different nationalities, colors, and religions, I can even claim that I have met a citizen of any nation on this planet (except those tiny Pacific islands).

With this blog (that I finally decided to use) I’ll post anything related to my knowledge and life, but do not expect daily posts lol, I’m terrible in writing in any language lol
If you want to voice talk with me or have a coffee, I’ll be more than happy to speak with you, until you run away lol, yes, yes, I’m a big mouth especially if we talk about the web and the possibilities online.

Not a « how to get-rich-quick », a « free yourself from a daily job fast » website, just a humble blog of someone testing and trying things online to get positive results.

Let us agree on one thing: Who do not try do not get, right!

One regret in my life is that I did not try my knowledge before, when I was younger and thinking of it, I should have followed the call when I felt it when I wanted to do it…
Like they say: Better later than never.
And if you are wondering if I’m rich yet, the answer is NO, and soon I’ll be (with god will, and I’m not talking just rich in money), Till then I’m Learning more and more, trying/ experimenting more and more…

Les Brown said:

« If you want to produce unreasonable results in your life, like living your dreams and taking charge of your destiny, you got to be an unreasonable person, you got to be an uncommon person Because logical practical thinking says you can’t do it »


À votre succès et rappelez-vous, vous n’avez aucune excuse pour ne pas vous lancer aujourd’hui, si vous ne le faites pas, vous ne saurez jamais, alors agissez dès aujourd’hui pour obtenir des résultats rapidement.

Par Adel Kassouri, nomade numérique, marketeur et fondateur.