Convert leads into buyers and ideal clients by launching your offer in 72h

Build your client list and authority, and generate a monthly recurring income with micro Subscription offer(s)

Start selling your offer in 48 hours* or less with just two pieces of content and use AI to speed up the entire creation process.

Alright, let’s get real. The 48-hour launch might sound like a BIG CLAIM, but in reality, it’s not. So, keep reading to discover how this step-by-step action plan can help you achieve that…. Did you notice that I didn’t ask for your email!

Summary Of the M.S.O Action Plan:

  1. Introduction To The M.S.O Action Plan: Discover the 48-hour offer claim, the model, its simplicity, its profitability, and its benefits compared to traditional ones.
  2. The 3-Step Process Of An M.S.O: Discover the steps that will help you create, launch, and manage this type of offer, plus examples of offers to inspire you in your creation.
  3. The Two Pieces of Content Nevessary To Start Selling Your M.S.O: Find out how you can create them fast by following the included step-by-step instructions, fill-in-the-blank models, and A.I prompt.
  4. Setting Up Your M.S.O System: Discover the simple all-in-one platform we recommend to set up your offer, launch it, sell it, and deliver it.
  5. Conclusion and What To Do Next: Find out about the full M.S.O method and various tips and tricks (genuine ones) you will use to come up with your irresistible offer. Hint: Say MAYBE and get started with $1.

1. Introduction To The M.S.O Action Plan:

  • Do you want to get paying clients right from the start?
  • Do you want to build an active email list of ONLY buyers?
  • Do you want to start selling your offer within 48 hours*?
  • Do you want to establish trust and build authority quickly?
  • Do you want to recoup your traffic costs from the get-go?
  • Do you want to find a simpler, faster way to launch offers?
  • Do you want to start accomplishing all of the above fast?

If any of these sound like you, get ready, because this Action Plan is here to make things happen. So, stop overthinking things and start taking action – like right now to see fast and positive measurable results.

But first…

Let’s address the 48-hour BIG claim:

  • While some internet wizards may be able to get their offer up and running in a couple of hours, it’s understandable that for the rest of us, it may take more than that. So you agree with me when I say that 48 hours are more than enough for any normal human to prepare two pieces of content using step-by-step instructions, using fill-in-the-blank models, and A.I prompt.
  • Obviously, the 48 hours start from the moment you have learned all the necessary steps to launch your offer, and that is why I’ve decided to provide you with this full and free action plan to give you a concrete idea about the feasibility of this claim.
  • You may still think that 48 hours are not enough to set up a system to sell your offer. Well, keep reading to find out that all you have to do is integrate your two pieces of content and connect some dots to get your system up and running and ready to sell your offer!

Meet the M.S.O Action Plan!

Your plan to launch or grow your online business. Your plan to build your client list, establish your authority, recoup your traffic costs, and generate a monthly recurring income without overwhelming yourself or using complicated strategies and tools.

By the way…

M.S.O stands for Micro Subscription Offer

As you read through this plan, you’ll discover how to use what you already know to create and launch simple M.S.Os that provide real value and fast results to your clients.

Say goodbye to dealing with complex methods, strategies, and tools. In fact, M.S.Os are as straightforward as a direct line from point A to point B.

Just imagine this:

  • Being able to build a client list without being salesy.
  • Establishing trust and authority without being pushy.
  • Getting advertisement aka web traffic without wasting money.
  • And, of course, generating a monthly recurring income without overworking yourself.

Now imagine that all of that can be done on autopilot!

Sounds amazing, right?

Well, it is possible.

You find a customer once, and they keep coming back, sending you money month after month.

It’s like selling something like a monthly subscription offer (but with several twists) that grows your business over and over again.

Did I mention that to manage an M.S.O, you just need a couple of hours a week!


Let’s do some simple math:

Imagine 100 people paying you $10 each – that’s $1,000 every month.

Double it to 200 people at $20 each, and you’re looking at $4,000.

Now, buckle up for the big one – 300 people at $30 each gives you a whopping $9,000.

That’s a six-figure yearly income without complicating things.

And guess what?

Your clients will stick with you longer paying you month after month, because this is not your typical subscription-lime offer… Keep reading.

Notice that I stopped at $30? It’s no coincidence; Keep reading as I will explain why $30.

And here’s the cherry on top – scalability.

Instead of sticking to just one M.S.O, launch several complementary ones, each bringing in a steady flow of paying clients.

And the second cherry on top – No risk.

Unlike traditional offers that demand loads of work in advance, M.S.Os get you where you want to go, from point A, creating and launching an offer in 48 hours or less to point B, selling it and getting clients with just two pieces of content.

But sadly, most people get stuck in the traditional offer cycle, never quite reaching the launchpad.

Creating and launching a regular offer is tough.

Coming up with the perfect offer and selling it forever is a big challenge.

Let me break down why the regular way is not the best way, and then I’ll show you an easier way out.

Here are…

Five reasons why the usual way isn’t the best choice, especially for beginners:

  1. Regular offers need a lot of work upfront. You need lots of content in advance, you need complex setups, you need list building, etc. It is often overwhelming even for the most active ones among us!
  2. Trying to make regular offers perfect is a waste of time. Perfectionism stops you from moving forward. You need a simpler way to get started, then improve using clients’ feedback.
  3. Most regular offers need various complicated and pricey tools. They’re often hard to use and to integrate with each other.
  4. Regular offers take too much time to manage. They keep you busy with things like building freebies list, nurturing, marketing. Etc.
  5. Even if you succeed, customers often don’t stick around. They buy once or twice and move on.

Suffice to say, M.S.Os are the complete opposite of the regular ones.

Now that the introduction is done – let’s dive into the heart of this action plan and learn how to embrace simplicity, see real fast results, and make a lasting impact.

2. The 3-Step Process Of An M.S.O:

Before we dive into the details, let’s start with the basics.

The main goal of an M.S.O is to get clients, keep them happy, and paying you month after month.

That means you need to:

  • Give them value at the start of your offer, so they feel like they’re getting a great deal for the little money they are giving you.
  • Give them simple, yet detailed actionable steps that result in a series of small wins that lead them to achieve bigger goals.

M.S.Os are so simple, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before.

In a nutshell…

An M.S.O is as simple as 1, 2, and 3:

  1. First, prepare your sales letter and the first step of your offer.
  2. Load both of them into one system that handles sales and delivery.
  3. After you’ve made your first sale, start preparing and delivering the next steps.

That’s it!

As I wrote before, as simple, as 1, 2, and 3.

And I will give you the details of each step in a bit.

Here are some reasons why…

Launching M.S.Os are the way to go:

  • It only takes 48 hours, even less, to create and launch an M.S.O! You just need a sales letter, first step, and a sales and delivery platform.
  • Running an M.S.O is easy! After the first sale, just prepare the next steps, and you’re good to go, Plus you can improve it in real-time using your clients’ feedback.
  • M.S.Os are easy to manage! As the offer is delivered in an automatic way, your main job is to focus on growth aka getting more clients to join.
  • M.M offers don’t need fancy, complicated, and pricey tools. One all-in-one platform connected to your domain name is all you need to launch, sell, and deliver your offer.
  • With M.S.Os, clients keep paying month after month. They see value and immediate results in each step, so they stick around for a longer period.
  • With M.S.Os, clients trust you more. You help them reach a specific goal, and they don’t have to break the bank for that.
  • M.M,Os come with no risks. Low setup costs and low entry-level fees, which mean low or nonexistent refund risk.
  • As M.S.Os are easy to create, they are also easy to duplicate and repeat. Launch more and grow your business further.

So, you get it, right?

Now… Here are…

Examples of M.S.Os you can launch today:

Imagine you’re a skilled web designer specializing in WordPress. Your target audience is beginner life coaches who want to create their own website to kickstart their business. Your offer spans for 3 months, during which you’ll deliver actionable steps. In this scenario, you’d offer 2 lessons per week, adding up to 8 lessons each month. Over the 3 months, that’s a total of 24 steps (8 lessons multiplied by 3 months).

Note: With the help of the free version of ChatGPT, it took me a few minutes to come up with and decide on the 24 steps of the example!

Here’s another scenario: Imagine you’re a coach who helps people improve their job opportunities through LinkedIn. Instead of immediately offering your $xxx or $xxxx program, design an offer that keeps candidates engaged in their job search. This offer could include guidance on creating an effective Curriculum Vitae, mastering job interview skills, and more. In this example, there’s no fixed timeframe – the process continues until candidates achieve their job-related goals.

Another example: Let’s say you are an awesome mom with mom power, or maybe you are a maternity nurse or doctor. A great offer would be “How to Handle Your Baby from Age 0 to 12 Months.”. This is a very good example of a 12-month offer.

And another: So, let’s say I wanted to create another offer for the new parents. I could come up with one about the 9 months of pregnancy – to offer before the 12-month baby one. And you know what? How about another offer for parents with kids aged 1 to 5, and then another one for those first school years? Lots of possibilities!

I can go on and on with examples…


You can launch an M.S.O about anything under the sun…

As long as you keep in mind the two main goals of your offer (mentioned above).

Now, let’s start preparing the necessary two pieces of content, and then set up of the system.

3. The Two Necessary Pieces Of Content:

In the last section, I mentioned the 3 steps of an M.S.O, which are:

  1. First, prepare your sales letter and the first step of your offer.
  2. Load both of them into one system that handles sales and delivery.
  3. After you’ve made your first sale, start preparing and delivering the next steps.

You need a short, yet good sales letter, a starting step to deliver, and a reliable and cost-effective all-in-one platform to setup your system.

In this section, we will focus on the two pieces of content, and in the next one, we will set up the system and connect the dots.

STEP 1, PART A: Your Sales Letter:

Here’s how to write a short and effective one.

  • Begin with an interesting preheader, for example, “NEW easy, and simplified 48-hour action plan to…”
  • Introduce your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), like Build Your Client List and Authority, Recoup Traffic Costs, and Generate Income by Launching in 48 Hours*.
  • Share the other part of your USP, like “Start selling your offer as soon as you have two pieces of content ready and use AI to speed up the entire process.” or use this formula [achieving a goal] in [a timeframe].
  • Talk about the big problem and the pain it causes using bullet points.
  • Offer your solution to the problem, and mention what benefits your offer provides.
  • Show proof/testimonials if you have any, or simply list real steps the reader can use to achieve a fast small win. Give value in advance.
  • Show the price and a button to buy, along with secure payment assurance.
  • Explain your money-back guarantee, like a 30-day one.
  • Remind customers what they’ll get and how steps will come.
  • Keep your sales page simple and clear, focusing on benefits more than details.

Hint: Copy the given steps in ChatGPT and ask to write you an effective sales letter. Start the request with this:

“You are an expert copywriter and marketer, I want you to use your extensive database to write me a convincing sales letter. I will provide you some steps to include in the sales letter, use them as a model and mix that with the AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). also include a bullet list of pain points and benefits of my offer. My offer is ….. ready?”

When ChatGPT answers yes, copy the above 9 steps.

STEP 1, PART B: Your First Step/Lesson AKA Welcome Email:

The second piece is the first step aka lesson of your offer, an email sent after someone buys. It’s a welcome message, giving info on what’s coming and starting the journey with the first step:

Use the following email model to create yours:

Subject: Welcome to [Your Program/Offer Name]!

Hi [Buyer’s Name],

Great job starting with [Your Program/Offer Name]! We’re excited to support you on this journey.

This email is a virtual high-five for making a smart choice. You’ve joined a community of motivated folks ready to achieve their goals.

Here’s what’s coming:

Starting now, you’ll get weekly/twice-weekly steps/lessons in your inbox. Each one helps you get closer to your goal.

We’re here to help. If you have questions, reach out – I’m here.

First step: [Insert content of the first step/lesson here.]

Remember, success is a journey. Stay committed, trust in yourself.

And mark us as “safe” so you don’t miss updates.

Congrats on investing in yourself,

[Your Name]

[Your Program/Offer Name]

[Contact Information]

STEP 1, PART C: Your First Step:

Your first step/lesson must go inside your welcome email, we do that because we want the client to have a positive idea about our offer steps, also jump into action right away.

To come up with a list of steps included in your offer, you need an outline that is a clear line from point A to point B. So if your offer lasts 3 months and you plan on delivering its steps twice a week, you will need 12 steps.

Note: To provide huge value and avoid refund requests, it is advised to make your first step a sort of of action plan. By that I mean, you should think of your experienced clients. For example, if we use the Website offer mentioned above, as your paying users will not all be beginners in WordPress website, you provide.

4. Setting Up Your M.S.O System:

To bring your 48-hour offer to life, we recommend a powerful and user-friendly all-in-one platform—

This platform simplifies the setup, launch, sale, and delivery of your offer, all within one convenient space. It caters to course creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs, offering tools for websites, funnels, email lists, courses, automation, memberships, communities, and payments—all integrated seamlessly.

Best of all, it’s budget-friendly and offers both free and paid options to suit your needs. Prepare to launch your offers, not just fast, but efficiently, with as your trusted ally.

Now, to go back to our 3-step process:

  1. First, prepare your sales letter and the first step of your offer.
  2. Load them into one system that handles sales and delivery.
  3. After your first sale, start preparing and delivering the next steps.

We need to load the of content previously created into the system, and to do that, we need to:

  1. Create a sales letter page in Systeme and copy the sales letter text on that page.
  2. Create and email compain and load the first email in it.

5. Conclusion and What To Do Next:

I’m working on this… Have a question or two? Ask me.

Ready to build a client list and generate a recurring income with your M.S.Os?

If your answer is yes, SAY MAYBE to get started with Micro Membership Method today! Get access to the full method, the funnel, the strategies, the community, and much more.

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