Generate more income with your Client List Builder

Generate More Income with Your Client List Builder (C.L.B): Maximizing Your Revenue Potential


Unlock the potential for increased income and business growth with your Client List Builder (C.L.B). This article explores the concept of C.L.B and its capacity to boost your earnings. While calculating front-end profits is essential, it’s equally important to consider additional income streams.

Discover how selling supplementary or higher-priced products to existing customers on the back end can double or even triple your income. Learn effective strategies for making complementary offers and recommending valuable resources within your C.L.B. By implementing these approaches, you’ll not only enhance customer value but also create a path to mid-range or high-ticket offers.

If you’ve embarked on the journey of launching your Client List Builder (C.L.B), you’re likely aware of its potential financial impact. Crunching numbers and exploring different scenarios is essential for planning and informed decision-making during your business’s early stages. You may have considered various revenue scenarios, like having 100 clients paying you $10 per month, resulting in a monthly earnings of $1,000. Alternatively, providing multiple C.L.Bs at $27 each and attracting 200 members could lead to a monthly revenue of $5,400. Or, by targeting 1,000 members, each paying $19 per month across one or more offers, you could reach a monthly revenue of $19,000.


However, there’s a critical aspect that distinguishes C.L.B from regular subscriptions – its affordability. Neglecting this factor could hinder the benefits we’ll explore shortly. While front-end profit calculations are valuable, they provide only a partial view of your business’s financial potential.

Front-End Profit vs. Additional Earnings:

Front-end profit calculations are undoubtedly crucial, but focusing solely on them means missing out on additional revenue sources. Did you know that significant extra income can often be generated by selling supplementary or higher-priced products to your existing customers on the back end? This presents a straightforward and profitable method for business growth.

Effective Sales Pages:

Crafting an effective sales page for your C.L.B business can potentially convert a percentage of visitors into paying customers. For instance, out of 100 visitors, achieving a conversion rate of 2-5% could result in two to five new customers. Crafting an enticing sales pitch becomes pivotal in expanding your customer base.

Consider this scenario: You have 100 members paying $10 per month, totaling $1,000 in monthly earnings. However, there’s more potential waiting to be tapped from these members. Suppose you offer a $50 course, and 20% of them (20 customers) decide to purchase it. You’d earn an additional $1,000 from these existing customers. They are more likely to be receptive to your offers due to their current subscription status.

Selling a course to your current customers effectively doubles your income. This underscores the growth potential of offering supplementary products or services to your existing customer base. Replicating this success with more customers multiplies your income potential.

Expanding Income from Existing Customers:

To harness additional income from your existing customer base, consider providing complementary products or services that don’t directly compete with your current offering. One effective strategy is recommending related products or resources within each lesson of your initial C.L.B offer. This not only enhances customer value but also introduces them to new products of interest.

For instance, if your C.L.B offer teaches digital marketing, you could suggest additional resources to delve deeper into specific topics. When covering a lesson on Facebook advertising, you might recommend an advanced Facebook marketing course.

Another viable approach to boosting income from existing customers is suggesting tools that aid them in completing tasks. Opportunities to generate extra income through related offers are abundant. Examples include:

  • Teaching mailing list strategies? Recommend email marketing services like Aweber or GetResponse.
  • Instructing room repainting? Suggest specific stores, like Amazon, for purchasing supplies via your affiliate link.

The backend of a C.L.B holds significant revenue potential. Regularly making related, complementary offers to existing members not only offers more value but also increases your income.

Setting the Stage for High-Ticket Offers:

The C.L.B offer serves as the entry point of your sales funnel, building trust and authority. This approach paves the way for offering mid-range or high-ticket offers. To maximize traffic conversion into an affordable offer and establish trust, there’s no better strategy. By acquainting customers with your brand and nurturing relationships, their resistance to purchasing your main product or service diminishes when it’s eventually presented.


Now, it’s time to take action and promptly create your first C.L.B offer. Embracing this model can accelerate and enhance your business growth.

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