Take this 5-day free challenge to Launch your micro membership and generate some income with it

PS: Build it with a $20 budget and free tools, then start selling as soon as you write the welcome message and first article

You want to start generating a small income, but

You are facing one of the following obstacles

You don’t have experience

You do not have any online or offline business experience

You don’t have an idea

You do not have any clear and simple business idea to start

You don’t have a plan

You do have an idea but you are lost in how and where to start it

You don’t have the time

You do not have the time to waste on endless research and trials

You don’t know how

You do not know how to build your online business website

You don’t have the budget

You do not have the budget to hire a professional to build the business for you

You don’t have leads

You don’t have any online following or leads that may be interested in your offer

You don’t have a funnel

You don’t have any working funnel to collect leads and convert them to paying costumers

Wonder no more, the solution to your obstacles is here

Discover how to start your first Micro Membership Site business without breaking the bank… Exactly like we did with this business


The Micro Membership Site Business

We call it M.M.S… It is a small business website that delivers step-by-step articles/ lessons in exchange for a TINY monthly fee… Exactly like I did with one of my small projects

Start selling freaking fast

With an M.M.S, you can start selling your membership offer right after you’ve prepared your welcome email and first article… Basically in one weekend, you can be selling already.

Build it in one weekend

It is easier and faster to build your first M.M.S business website, even if you’ve never built one before… PS: If you know a bit about the web, you can start selling in one weekend.

Build it for $20 or less

To build your M.M.S, you just need $20 or less to buy a domain name and pay for the first month of web hosting.

Build it with free tools

You can build your first M.M.S with free WordPress, theme, and tools… Exactly as I did with one of my websites.

Build it yourself

No need to be a web expert or hire someone as an M.M.S requires only three to five web pages to be set up… Exactly as I did with one of my websites.

Sell it very easily

Because the pricing of your M.M.S offer will be as low as one Starbucks coffee, selling it will be easy peasy.

Make more money

Why stop at one M.M.S when you can generate more recurring monthly income by launching several ones completing each other

Collect qualified leads

Use your M.M.S to collect qualified leads interested in your membership and business offering… Exactly as I did with one of my projects.

Get a better converting funnel

Because challenges have been proven to convert way better, use your M.M.S as your marketing funnel lead magnet… Exactly as I did with my small project.

How does this work?

Simple, just follow these 3 steps to find out.


Take the free challenge

Challenge yourself to build and launch your first micro membership by the end of next week


Learn and plan

Follow the 5-steps challenge to learn how to plan your membership business launch


Launch your membership

Launch your micro membership business and start selling, even if it is not fully ready

Frequently asked questions

Are these challenges free to take?

Yes, it is %100 free to join and take the challenge.

How are the challenges delivered?

All the challenges are delivered via e-mail ONLY, so it is important that you use your BEST e-mail and validate your participation in the challenge.

I didn’t receive any challenge/ email from you?

You need to CONFIRM your e-mail to receive the content, FOR THAT, check your SPAM folder and add our email to your contact list.

How to take a free challenge?

Just pick the one you are interested in, enter your BEST email, and follow the instructions.

How long will it take to complete a challenge?

All the challenges are 5 days long (plus the introduction and conclusion), so, you need to check your email every day until you finish one.

I have another question, how to contact you?

To contact me use the live chat (if I’m online) or use the contact page.