Create and sell a $97 product in the next 7 days

Positive day.

I’ve posted the following exact question on a few Fb startup groups and on my official FB page.
Can you launch a $97/ $197 workshop/course in 7 days or better in 48 Hours?

This question landed in my brain after I read 2 Ebooks and had a chance to watch a super course:
Ebook 1: “48 Hour Profit Express” by Jeremy Kennedy.
Ebook 2: “Big-Ticket Products In 24 Hours” by Jimmy D Brown.
The course: “Seed Launch Deep Dive” from the famous Jeff walker.

The 3 of them were wow, clear, and to the point.
The 2 Ebooks explain the same Technic; in Jimmy’s one, we have walkthrough steps, but unfortunately, both do not go in-depth about leads generation (except giving some suggestions).
Obviously, Jeff’s course is a complete one and the most expensive too, it has a step by step how to build a tiny list of 100 people or more, how to get the leads to tell you the necessary information you need to build your product, then how to deliver it by conference calls or private webinars, etc.

Note: By product, I mean a course, a workshop, a training.

To resume the systems:

  • Think of the offer/product (something you are excited about and know, no need to be an expert).
  • Get people to join a list/group or whatnot, ask them their biggest challenges, then map your product accordingly.
  • Build a simple 2 pages sales system, a PayPal button, connected or not to your autoresponder.
  • Write the first email (to be delivered automatically after the sale)
  • Announce the sale to the interested people.
  • If you sell, start delivering.

My thoughts:

-I do follow the 7-day startup system and in its Fb group, really useful stuff, a simple clear 7-day steps from idea to launch, you should check it out!
-The Ebooks talks about launching in 48H, great! But my limiting beliefs are telling me I can’t right now.
-Jeff talks about a lot of actions to take to set up the launch, but definitely, it may take longer, as for building a list, so I guess for a beginner may take more time than the 7 days.

My idea:

I wonder, what kind of results I will get if I mix the three systems with some marketing hacks and then try to a launch.

The challenge if you accept it, is to take action, launch a product and get sales in 7 days.

Yes, self, I accept the challenge and I think I’ll proceed with the following major 3 points:

  1. The product idea: what to offer? To whom? What pricing structure? How to sell it? And finally, how to deliver it?
  2. Traffic and leads: what source of traffic? How do get people interested in the product fast?
  3. The sales process: Should I use a sale funnel or not, maybe I’ll simplify everything because 7-days, well, they are only 7 days.

Real-life example :

A friend of mine answered my question on FB, he told me that he launched using his own managed group and got sales fast.

This is what he did :

  • He asked the members of his private group what they struggle with, sales or marketing.
  • Most comments were about sales.
  • So, he decided to create a 30-days challenge to get sales.
  • 7 members were interested in the challenge.
  • He set up a Leadpages/WordPress page with a buy button.
  • He contacted the 7 people and got 5 of them to order.
  • He delivered the information by simple 30 days autoresponder.

I don’t have more details to share with you as for now, he is trying the model in a beta version and it’s not public yet.

  • For the point N1 mentioned above: I’m still not decided between offering a DFY BUSINESS or just a simple training… I’ll decide soon.
  • Point N2: Thinking about leads generation, I believe there are faster ways to get clients by using affiliate marketing.
    How? Maybe by setting up an affiliate system, contacting plenty of Fb groups admins then negotiating with them a percent of the sales.
  • Point N3: It depends on the product pricing, if it’s a low entry one, no need to complicate the things with a funnel, but if it is $97 and up, then, I must think about one.

Your turn!
What do you think about all of this?
Do you believe it’s doable in just 7-days without followers, an email list, and a managed FB group?
Post your questions, and answers below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

To be continued…

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