[PASSION] Comment Un Freelancer Réfléchis a 3H12, Pleine Lune En Indonésie

3:12 night.

Full moon tonight, 

New place,

humid weather,

Fan noises,

De-fragmenting my hard drives,

Lake Toba is near.

virgin beaches are hours away from here.

Sleep is calling, how come? 

I thought I already kicked it with a power nap.

Thinking much! 

Not thinking enough,

Michael Jackson in my head, 


Confused about local time, 

Thinking of past friends,

Needing more money,

How will I pay the next rent,

Will it work? Stop dreaming,

Focus, focus, take a coffee,

oh my! Ukraine is in war! 

What was his name again,

Wishing for better results,

I will get better results.

will I ever marry? 

Oh where are the pictures of my nieces? 

I miss them.

Happy but tired, tired but excited,

Planing the day after,

Ignoring the day after,

Why did I spend much on this and that?

Setting my alarm clock to 12, no 2 pm, noun-setting my alarm clock,

feeling positive,

It’s gonna be crazy work to make it work.

Eating chocolate biscuits,

Healthy, YEAH! Sure unhealthy YEAH!,

really must get myself a job, hell no! 

It’s this way or nothing, oh my! 

Mosquitoes around! 

Who cares, got litters of blood.

Ah, starting it, not really,

wishing I already finished it,


I try to convince myself that I’m doing it, that I’m succeeding in it.

No results yet!

Who cares! 

I need this, and I feel thisI want thisI finish this and hell yeahI’m thisthis is who Im, 

I loved it. I love it, I will love it.

Thank god I did it. Thank god I’m still doing it.

This is how freelancers think sometimes, almost all the times, but guess what, IT FEELS GOOD.

What about you, do you sometimes fell kind of crazy while freelancing ?

Thank god I did it. Thank god I’m still doing it.

This is how freelancers think sometimes, almost all the times, but guess what, IT FEELS GOOD.

Ps: can’t decide how many coffee bags to poor in my cup, mmmm, dilemma.


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