free challenges to launch an online micro-business* fast!

*Take a challenge, ACT ON IT, then you can start selling your new offer while building your business!

Life is simple, but we insist on complicating it

Confucius said that 3000 years ago and today most people don’t get started because they complicate things, so simplify and get started in 3 simple steps.


Take a challenge

Challenge yourself to build and launch your online micro-business, even if you’ve never built one before!


Learn and ACT

Follow the challenge’s steps to learn how to build and launch your micro-business and act on it


Launch your business

Launch your micro-micro business and start selling your new offer, even if the business is not fully ready

Free challenges

Pick one of the following challenges and ACT ON IT!


My first micro membership site

Take this free challenge to learn how to launch your first micro membership site

PS: Build it with a $20/$100 budget and free tools, then start selling as soon as you write the welcome message and first article


My first small digital product challenge

Take this free challenge to learn how to create and sell your first digital product

PS: If you can read, write and speak, you can create one and start selling it this weekend

Frequently asked questions

Are these challenges free to take?

Yes, it is %100 free to join and take one or all of the challenges.

How are the challenges delivered?

All the challenges are delivered via e-mail ONLY, so it is important that you use your BEST email and validate your participation in the challenge.

I didn’t receive any challenge/ email from you?

You need to CONFIRM your email to receive any content, FOR THAT, check your SPAM folder and add our email to your contact list.

How to take a free challenge?

Just pick the one you are interested in, enter your BEST e-mail, and follow the instructions.

How long will it take to complete a challenge?

The challenges are 5 to 7 days long, so, you need to check your email every day of the challenge.

I have another question, how to contact you?

To contact me use the live chat (if I’m online) or use the contact page.