Setting Up an Automatic System for Your Micro Subscription Offer

Setting Up an Automatic System for Your Micro Membership Offer


Getting your Micro Membership Offer (MMO) up and running can be a fantastic source of income online. But here’s the catch – it can be incredibly time-consuming.

This guide will walk you through the time and effort involved in MMOs and how you can make your life easier with an automatic content delivery system.

By the end, you’ll have a “set it and forget it” system in place and even explore scaling up to create multiple MMOs for more income.

MMO Content Delivery: Saving You Time and Effort,

Starting an MMO is exciting, but keeping it going requires regular content updates, which can take up a lot of your precious time. We understand that your dream of an online business didn’t include endless hours of work.

So, maybe you can outsource the work…

Outsourcing Content Creation for tour Micro Membership Offer:

To tackle this dilemma, you may consider outsourcing content creation. It’s a smart way to free up your time and resources, but finding the right talent can be challenging. You need reliable freelancers who can deliver quality work on time. Trusting your business and customer satisfaction to a new partner can be intimidating.

Automatic Delivery System for your Micro Membership Offer:

If the thought of being tied to your computer, ensuring regular content updates for your MMO, makes you uneasy, it’s time to explore the advantages of an automatic content delivery system.

Not only does this system make your life simpler, but it also enables you to provide more personalized content to your members. You can even take a break without worrying about disrupting your content delivery.

Your “Set It and Forget It” Micro Membership System:

Follow the above traditional four steps that will help you set up your MMO automatic system or use a simpler faster way (keep reading):

  1. Create Content: Before you launch your MMO, prepare all the content in advance. The amount of content needed depends on your MMO’s duration and frequency. For example, if you’re offering a year-long MMO with weekly updates, you’ll need 52 lessons. For a three-month MMO with weekly updates, prepare 12 lessons…. Or use a simpler way. Start selling your offer with two pieces of content… Keep reading.
  2. Set Up a Sales System: To start selling your MMO, create a compelling sales letter and connect it to a payment processor that supports recurring billing (e.g., Stripe). This setup allows you to charge customers for ongoing access to your course. Connect your sales system to the delivery system mentioned earlier to start promoting your course and accepting orders.
  3. Drive Traffic To Your Offer: Attracting customers to your MMO is crucial. You can employ various methods, such as partnering with affiliates, using paid advertising, leveraging social media, and more. By combining these tactics, you can effectively reach a broader audience and boost your course’s visibility.
  4. Relax and Let the System Work For You; Once your MMO is set up, let the automatic system handle content delivery to your customers. This frees up your time for other activities, giving you the flexibility you initially envisioned.

Scaling Your Business With More Micro Membership Offers:

But why stop at one MMO when you can set up many with ease?

By using the same system, you can create and sell multiple MMOs without constant monitoring. Set up your first MMO, drive traffic to it, and then move on to the next. Repeat this process to generate multiple streams of income and achieve your desired revenue levels.

There is A Better, Simpler, and faster Way:

If you are interested in discovering a simpler way to launch your Micro Membership Offers, especially if you’d rather not prepare a mountain of content in advance (just two pieces ro start selling your offer). Check the Micro Membership Offer fast action plan available on the front page.

To your success,