[SERIES] Start Your Online Business – Season 1 – Episode 0 – The Introduction

[SERIES] Season 1- Episode 0: Start Your Online Business - The Introduction

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the entrepreneur’s club, a club full of up and downs, excitements and great results.

We all know, time is money, so straight to the point, let me humbly introduce you my new project, an entrepreneur’s series called:

Start Your Online Business Series

[SERIES] Season 1- Episode 0: Start Your Online Business - The Introduction
What is it?
Good that you asked.

Start Your Online Business, The Series is a series episodes with articles that gives you 101 tips to brainstorm your business ideas, do your market research, and the last and not least, start your online business..

Buckle up your seat belt, what follow is probably going to overwhelm you a bit, and believe me, that’s not the goal here, but at the end, you’ll be able to think about your business seriously and act on it fast.

Before launching episode one of season one, I want to you to do two things:

1) Get yourself the necessary fuel to overcome the next thousands of words, step up your comfort zone, get into action ant to be able to do that, you need to eat this pill NEO:

If you want to have unreasonable results in your life, You’ve got to be unreasonable.” by Les Brown.

Ps: For now, and from my crafts, I believe that this series will contain a minimum of 10.000 words.

2) To remember that you want to be an entrepreneur, the kind that moves on things in a FAST and PASSIONED way because nobody here wants to stay A “wannabepreneur” forever, right!

What will SEASON 1 include?
101 tips, many of them are steps (actions) to take with links and tools to use.

Here’s a sneak preview of the EPISODES:

  • EPISODE 1: Using your passion and finding your WHY.
  • EPISODE 2: Finding business ideas.
  • EPISODE 3: Doing the market research.
  • EPISODE 4: Getting trusted, legality.
  • EPISODE 5: Budgeting the shoestring way.
  • EPISODE X: Creating your plan.
  • EPISODE X: Thinking and acting like an entrepreneur.
  • EPISODE X: Don’t don’t be/ do it alone.
  • EPISODE X: Growth.

Ps: the 5 first ones are already official, the rest are not necessarily in the given order.

What about the other Seasons?
Season 2 will be about examples of business ideas to start and how to start them.
Season 3 will be about getting traffic
Season 4…

How many seasons are in this series?
Like the tv ones, the more I see your involvement, the more seasons will be produced.

When will it start?
Right now EPISODE 1 SEASON 1 is almost done, I’m just doing the last editing, so, soon enough, you’ll have live on blog and newsletter.

How will it be delivered?
I had a long conversation with SELF, and it was something like:
Self: because I decided to call it series, seasons etc, wouldn’t it be nice to deliver it in video format?
Self: Videos are cool sure, but I’m talking about 101 tips here, it will take a lot to produce and we all know, I do not have Hollywood’s budget and time…

40 minutes laters, Self and I agreed on one format (for now) written articles.

Ps: from my initial drafts. the total series will have 10.000 words minimum.

Do you want to be the first to see read EPISODE 1, here what to do:
Bookmark this blog.
Join my newsletter if you want.
Comment down and tell me any tips and hacks to comes to mind about starting an online business, I’ll include the best ones in the next episodes.
Till then, let me do my work, go do yours and see soon for:

Start Your Online Business Series – S1- E1 – Using your Passion and your “WHY”

Take care


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