[STRATEGY] How to be noticed and heard on the world wide web

The web has created a world of opportunity for us all. More than ever before, it’s now possible for anyone to come up with an idea for a business and to start promoting themselves to a massive audience.

That means you can start making money from the comfort of your own home. Or maybe you’d rather just promote a cause that’s important to you? Or make a little money on the side writing about something you find fascinating?

With the world as your audience, the opportunities are nearly endless and you can achieve all kinds of incredible things.
But there’s only one problem…
So can everyone else!

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[THOUGHTS] How to change your mindset and the way to go after your goals

So you want to change your mindset and change the way you go after goals? The way that you react under pressure? And the way you feel when you’re relaxing?

Making change in your life all starts from within and the very first thing you need to do is to change your mindset. Once you can do that, everything else will follow.

And guess what? It’s easier than you think! Just like anything else, your mindset can be changed with exercise and you can get better at controlling it with practice and training.

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[CHALLENGE] Can you launch a $97 product and get sales in 7 days?

Launch a product in 7 days

The challenge if you accept it, is to take action, launch a product and get sales in 7 days. Yes, self, I accept the challenge and I think I’ll proceed with 3 major points…

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[HACKS] Get more business leads by applying these 10 Facebook page’s hacks

10 Facebook Page’s Hacks You Should Apply Now to Get More Leads

10 Hacks you should apply now on your Facebook business page right away (applying them takes less time than you think).
Ps: 9 of 10 are free…

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[SERIES] Start Your Online Business – Season 1 – Episode 0 – The Introduction

[SERIES] Season 1- Episode 0: Start Your Online Business - The Introduction

Start Your Online Business is a series of articles and 101 real actionable tips/ steps to brainstorm your business ideas, do your market research, and the last and not least, start your online business…

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