[HACKS] Get more business leads by applying these 10 Facebook page’s hacks

10 Facebook Page’s Hacks You Should Apply Now to Get More Leads

If you ever wondered how to optimize your Facebook business page to attract more leads and boost your conversions, I’ve got good news for you; you can stop wondering now because you came to the right place.

This is a screenshot of my Facebook page after plenty of changes:

10 Facebook Page’s Hacks You Should Apply Now to Get More Leads
With all the used colors on the screenshot, it may be confusing, at first sight, do not worry, I’ll try to explain most of them.

1) Selecting the right category for your page:

On your Facebook page, visit the “ABOUT” section, in CATEGORY, change the type of your page and see what FB shows you, in most of the cases you’ll have an extra tab where you can list your services, add pictures and even prices.


For now, I’m testing the CATEGORY “business person” and it gives me a services tab, nice!

1-1-Adel Kassouri Page

2) Your page cover should have a clear call to action:

On any cover, you should add “click here,” “join me there,” “visit that,” etc., etc.
In my case, you see that I uploaded an exact copy of my landing page (which is the home page of this blog); Notice the blue button!


3) Your page cover should have your picture on it:

Why? You may ask, studies by experts here and there all agree on one thing, people prefer/ like/ want to see the face of the person behind the service/ product, it gives them a sense of LIKING and TRUST, according to doctor MALDINI’s Science Of Persuasion.
To resume it all, when we see the man/ woman, we feel he/she’s like us, a human being!

You should also put a picture where we see our eyes pointing in the direction of your call to action (mentioned in the second hack).
One of the most converting landing pages offered by Leadpages and other platforms have a person, usually a woman looking at the OPTIN, form, see…
This Leadpages article may be a bit old, but it gives hack n3 a good point.

4) Choose the right call to action button on your page:

Instead of just picking “contact us” button that redirects wherever, it’s more logical to change it to “join us” and direct it to a very specific landing page on your website

Notice, how hack n2 is very coherent with this one! That’s called continuity, and all the Fb marketers out there will confirm that it is a crucial factor in lead conversions.

5) Your cover picture should point to the button of your page:

In my case, as you see my two fingers points to the text and the call to actions buttons.


6) Facebook allow adding extra tabs:

In addition to hack n1, you should add a tab that integrates Html code to turn it into a landing page.
I’m still testing, but I’ll use the shop section plus another extra tab as a landing page.
Plenty of companies out there allows you to add an HTML tab, just google them or use your landing page platform/Autoresponder to build one.
Getresponse, Leadpages have the export as a tab function.

7) Move/ slide the tabs:

On the Facebook page you can push the tabs and organize them by order, so move yours to the 2nd or 3rd position after the “about” one to make them more visible = more actions from your followers/ page visitors = more leads!

8) Announce your last blog post on the cover:

I think that I’ve invented this one lol, playing with the page’s cover to get more interactions with my audience, I thought that I can use it to announce my last blog posts, EUREKA! Very efficient.
Well, sure that sounds like more work to do, and you do not have the time for that, that’s why you should hire me to handle your FB page.

That sounds like more work to do, and you do not have the time for that, that’s why you should hire me to handle your FB page.

9) What if you have a Facebook group to promote?

This one is pretty clear, right! Use the call to action on the cover (text), the button on the cover (design) and the Facebook page button to send the visitors to your group.

10) Fb loves internal links advertising:

I can’t remember where I read this fact (probably on one of the big Fb advertisement blogs like JonLoomer’s one or DigitalMarketer.com).

To resume it, if you are used to “boost a post” or “page’s like” with Fb ads, the changes mentioned above will bring you more leads, give you results and it will cost you less than sending the traffic to your website directly.

Here’s the simple formula:
Boost post or page’s likes + Your Fb page packed with the call to actions mentioned here = more leads, YEAH!

That’s it for the moments folks, I hope these hacks/changes will help, and I’m pretty sure they will, just apply them today, now, not later, not tomorrow.

Don’t you have the time to implement the hacks?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the work?
Do you need a professionally designed landing page for your tab or website?
HIRE ME!, I’ll be glad to help (Use the contact page or drop me a pm on FB).
Ps: I know plenty of others you can use on Facebook and all your web presence (Other social media accounts, website, landing pages, etc.).

If you want unreasonable results in your life and business, You’ve got to be unreasonable, Take massive actions and never be satisfied.”
By less brown.

Comment bellow with your Facebook page link and tell me what you think of those hacks and if you have some to share, do it.

Cheers; Adel

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